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Lawyers in International Trade an Distribution

We are a group of lawyers who have regularly worked together on behalf of clients involved in international trade and distribution. Based in most major trading partners of the EU and USA, we all have many years of experience working in International Contract Law, assisting clients working in the trade chain, such as suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, franchisors, agents and reps, dealing with all aspects of commercial disputes arising from contracts and advising on new and existing contracts.


We specialise in advising principals, agents, distributors, franchisors and franchisees in relation to all legal aspects of their commercial relationships in developing their international trade and import/export opportunities. Each of the lawyers is able to advise on either side of such contracts having developed a wealth of experience when acting for, amongst others their national agent's association as well as for principals working with agents and distributors in other jurisdictions. Drafting new contracts for suppliers, distributors, agents as well as for franchisors are a major part of our practice as well as acting in disputes between the parties.


All of the lawyers are involved in all the legal commercial requirements of their own domestic markets affecting businesses and sales organisations. Details of other services are available on request from each lawyer.

International Lawyers

Here you can find the contact details of the individual lawyers.

Anna-Karin Abdon

Advokatfirman Fylgia KB (Sweden) zweden

Paul Holtrop

Van Till advocaten (Netherlands) nederland

Dr. Bernd Westphal



Larry Coltman

Hill. Hofstetter (United Kingdom) uk

Michael H. Svendsen

Micheal Svendsen (Denmark) denmark

Jacques Vandeuren

Cartuyvels – Nolf – Terlinden & Vinçotte ( Belgium) belgie

Carlo Tabellini

Tabellini Avvocatie| Associati (Italy) italie

Christoph Martin Radtke

LAMY & ASSOCIES (France) frankrijk

Florentino Ramirez

Ramirez &Associates. PC (USA) usa


Lawyers in International Trade and Distribution

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